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What is Behavioral Health: The Care You Overlook - Mr Minds

What is Behavioral Health: The Care You Overlook

What is Behavioral Health?

Health is a big concept. It gets dragged around through the news, on to prepackaged food labels and photoshopped on to abs. That’s the easy health. The stuff we can see, count in reps, measure in calories or track by clothing size.

So what is Behavioral health? That covers the problems you can’t always notice at first glance. Chances are the things effecting your behavioral health aren’t things you are comfortable talking about at all. Behavioral health includes your mental and emotional wellbeing, how you respond to stress in handling daily life and any addictions you may be dealing with. The choices you make, behaviors you can change all have a role in answering what is behavioral health for you.

How do you stay in good health, behaviorally speaking? That’s not an area a lot of people put time into.

What is Behavioral Health: Learning Not To Cope

Where does it hurt? That’s what parents ask when they see a crying child. When you’re young you dutifully present the cut, scrape, or bruise for inspection, bandages and relief from the pain.

As you get older, where does it hurt becomes harder to answer. Other people’s decisions, opinions and words hurt. The pressure you put on yourself at work, socially or in your love life can be unbearable. In managing different types of pain or maintaining relationships there’s the opportunity for medicating and joining in with needles or pills. We hurt ourselves. Another drink maybe a hit of what they’re doing, what’s the actual harm in a pill? It makes the pain go away, at least masks allowing a chance to breathe, a chance to get out of the muck in your head.

What is Behavioral Health: The Ghost Problems

Most people have a hard time accepting what they can’t see. What is behavioral health but all those issues that aren’t visual. There’s nothing to bandage, no scab to wear. There’s an itch for another fix. Sometimes the fix is in a syringe, for some it’s another jagged thought to yourself to pieces or another imagined failure to carry like a boulder. Unhealthy thoughts, words and actions. These aren’t choices. There are psychological and chemical issues in your body, mind or your history that make things harder.

Outside the problems you may be feeling there’s that perception problem. People get comfortable in their reality. Certain things need to be experienced to be understood. No one really wants what they’re going through to happen to anyone else. They just want the sense of safety you only get in being understood. Try explaining to someone without an addict gene what the pull is. Get somebody who isn’t clinically depressed to know what kind of wars go on inside just to accomplish the most basic actions.

There’s no one that’s going to kiss life better anymore and it still hurts in ways that make you jealous of skinned knees.

What is Behavioral Health: A Way To Get Help

For a lot of people, there isn’t anyone checking in, asking where it hurts. You may feel too ashamed to call up your confidantes to talk about what’s going on that they can’t see. In this, you’ve got a huge responsibility to yourself and the people around you to be vocal about what’s going on so you can get help.

There are always options. Plenty of people practicing behavioral health that can help you gain a better understanding of what you’re feeling. Here are 81 apps, sites, hotlines and resources. Whether you need small help staying on track or desperately need someone to talk with you have options.

You get to live life. It’s a gift even if you lose sight of what makes that true. Everybody takes it for granted now and then the same way you take your health for granted when you aren’t laid up, sick. Appreciate what you’ve got. Take care of the behavioral side of health so you’re better able to cope and tolerate with the curves that come your way.

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