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Types of Haircuts for Men: Brad Pitt Style Guide - Mr Minds

Types of Haircuts for Men: Brad Pitt Style Guide

With Brad Pitt as your guide, here are some of the most basic types of haircuts for men, regardless of hair type, race or age.

An important thing to take note of while browsing these styles is facial hair, it’s important to match your facial hair to the look and style you decide on for your haircut. The images are a great guide to what your facial hair should look like to match your hairstyle.



Most men, at one point in their life will shave their head. It’s easy to do, easy to maintain and easy to look at. You can do it by yourself with an electric razor and it’s pretty hard to screw up. This look is perfect for men of all hair types, especially those who may be starting to go bald in some patches. The trick to a good shaved look is getting the right length.

Electric razors have different levels and sometimes men choose to shave at a lower level than what they want so their hair can grow out. Fine. But if you want a classic shaved look try and leave only a small fraction of an inch of hair so your scalp doesn’t show too much.



If you go to a barber or have any kind of a childhood, you probably had this casual haircut, or some variation, at one point or another. For kids it’s easy, not too short, not too long, and for adults it allows you to show off your hair types (curly, straight, blonde, black…) with ease.

This casual cut leaves the hair a bit longer on the top than the sides, but there’s at least one inch of hair left so it’s easier to style and manipulate. The tousled, fingers through the hair, look is perfect for this cut.



Increasingly popular is the undercut hairstyle, where the basic idea is to shave the sides of your hair and leave the top of your hair to grow longer. It’s the hipster Mohawk, but when styled like Brad it can be a very polished look. If you leave it more casual, especially with curly hair, it looks cute and approachable.

To get the right undercut look make sure you shave enough of the sides so that your hair isn’t too bushy or unruly up top (but don’t shave too much so that it looks like a clear Mohawk). The trick to nailing the look is not to let the hair in the back grow too long, you really just want the front top of your hair long and then you want to comb it back over the short shaved hairs at the back.



If you want a nice throwback to the 90s look, this style reminds most women of the classic teenage heartthrob. It’s parted, it’s gelled, it’s shiney, it’s clean, it’s well maintained and it’s a bit outdated, but for teens this look is actually a good fit, even today.



For men with both curly or thin and straight hair, this mid length look is a good alternative to long hair that is easier to manage and less likely to cause stares from co-workers. It’s still classy without looking too overboard.

A good pairing for the mid-length haircut is a well-groomed patch of facial hair, like Brad’s.



Some guys just look great with long hair, it’s all about personality. It says I’m casual, care free, fun and adventurous. It’s the epitome of surfer dude awesome, and if it fits your character, long hair can be just as easy as shaved hair.

No need to style or even brush it depending on the look you’re going for. Just wash and go.

Paired with a well groomed beard and you’ve got the next big thing (I’m calling it now).

Hot Mess


I won’t even bother going into this look, the basic takeaway is don’t grow your hair and your bear long unless you want strangers to start dumping spare change into your coffee cup mistaking you for a homeless person.

There are many other types of haircuts for men, and thousands of different looks if you consider all the ways you can style these basic cuts. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try a few before you find what you’re comfortable with.



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