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How Do I Start My Own Business – No BullSh*t - Mr Minds

How Do I Start My Own Business – No BullSh*t

There are dozens of articles about starting your own business, with easy steps and simple smiling faced men in suits, symbolizing how great it is to be an entrepreneur. But if you’re asking how do I start my own business, from the ground up, there’s really only one way to make it work:

Have a great idea and even better connections.


Here are three basic necessities to start your own business.

  1. Build and Analyze your Business Proposition
  2. Share the idea and get backers
  3. Build a killer team and commit

It may sound easy, and it may sound like anyone could start their own business, but the reality is, it’s much easier and more likely for a business to translate to success if the person starting it has solid connections.

Two people, equally intelligent, equally hard working, with equally brilliant ideas can work on building a business, but the one with the more influential and industry related connections wins.

Starting your business

There are two ways to build a business

  • Come up with a fantastic idea and push it forward with hard work and sheer genius
  • You are a leader or influencer in some field, and you use connections to build a business with other experts

A sure fire way for a business to fail is if you try to enter a field you have no experience in. If you have no experience with the restaurant industry, don’t open a franchise restaurant because you think it is an easy way to start your own business.

Stick to your specialty, work with other industry leaders you know, and build something you understand and believe in whole heartedly.

Only then can your business take off.

Better with Connections

Most how to build a business guides tell you that you need to formulate your business plan, analyze the market, talk to a bank and so on.

The first thing to do is solidify your idea, and prepare answers to as many questions as you can, but no need to write anything formally, because the next step in any business journey should be talking about your idea with someone else in the field.

Talking to a respected colleague or potential business partner will help you develop the idea in its infancy. A second set of eyes is always good, even if you feel confident starting your business on your own.

How do you get investors? How do you craft the perfect business pitch?  How do you get customers and spread the word? How do you hire personelle?  How do you set up a website and optimize it for heavy traffic? How much should you pay freelancers and contractors?

These are all questions that someone new to business and entrepreneurship may ask, and instead of googling all the answers, connecting with business owners, and professionals in various fields, you can learn the right way to set your business up for success.

If Rome wasn’t built in a day then no business was built by one man alone. So next time you think how do I start my own business, find there areas you’re most unsure about and see who you know that can answer those questions for you – they may just be the golden ticket to success you didn’t know you needed.



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