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Sex Without Love: What's So Great About It? - Mr Minds

Sex Without Love: What’s So Great About It?

Sex without love is a controversial topic for a lot of people, but if we’re being honest, sex without love is happening more and more. So… let’s talk about sex, baby!

Attitudes and beliefs towards sex and love vary by age, culture and upbringing, so even if you may disagree, here’s what most millennial men think about sex.


What is sex without love?

Many people engage in sex without love for lots of reasons, including:

Greater sexual satisfaction

Having sex with no strings attached can allow both partners to have greater sexual satisfaction. Without expecting to have a relationship beyond sex, people are willing to throw themselves into sex, ask for things they’d be otherwise shy to ask for, and communicate and live out fantasies in a way impossible with a life partner or someone they love.

In relationships, after a time, it’s more difficult to keep things spicy. People will often communicate less, or even have less sex. Sometimes the greatest sex happens before love and relationships interfere.

Freedom to express sex and sexuality

Sex without love gives you the opportunity to experiment and feel things for the first time with new partners. In non-committal relationships, you are free to get down and dirty anytime you want. If you only sleep with people you love, those emotions will weigh heavy on your sex life. It can add depth to intercourse, but it also means you will have less first time, wild, crazy, and free sex.


When you’ve just gotten out of a relationship, and need time to figure out what you want before falling in love again, having sex can help you move on, heal, learn, and enjoy yourself. The place to find solace is sex without love.

Who enjoys sex without love?


Both men and women can enjoy sex without love.

Let’s start with men. Men enjoy sex without love because by nature, we are built to want sex with multiple people. Let’s imagine the world is ending. You only need one man and many women to get things rolling again. The way men and procreation is designed means men want sex, and lots of it. Often with multiple women.

Women, on the other hand, are still often shamed for wanting sex with multiple men (or women). That doesn’t mean that women can’t enjoy all the benefits we listed above, which means there are many women, likely even most women, who enjoy and value sex without love.

Sex without love has its merits and demerits as there is more freedom and flexibility, but, as with anything, remember to be smart and stay safe.



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