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Relationship Quiz: How to Tell If She’s Faking It - Mr Minds

Relationship Quiz: How to Tell If She’s Faking It


It’s the question every guy thinks at least once in their life – is she faking it – and luckily with this relationship quiz you’ll be able to find out for sure (or as sure as you can get with internet quizzes).

Using physical and emotional indicators, once you add up your score you should be able to see the likelihood of a fake orgasm.

Is she wet?

If your girl was clearly excited before and during sex, you earn 3 juicy points. If you’re not sure, or you weren’t paying attention, but if felt good, give yourself 1 confused point. If she wasn’t wet, and it was pretty uncomfortable at times, unfortunately you don’t get any points, and the likelihood of your girlfriend having a real orgasm isn’t looking good.

Does she ever take the lead?

If your girlfriend sometimes stops you to change positions, get on tops, or readjusts herself, get 3 big points for having a take charge girl. If your girlfriend is flexible and goes with the flow, following mostly but sometimes surprising you with her own moves, you earn 1 point. If she often just lays there, without much effort on her part, things aren’t looking good, and you don’t earn any points.

Is her breathing heavy?

Your girlfriend in the sack is pretty much Darth Vadar, and her orgasms are more like panting than moaning or screaming – get 3 points for giving her a heavy workout. If her breathing goes up and down, getting heavier than normal at orgasm time, take 1 point. If she’s quiet as hell to the point where you have to check if she’s still awake, until a sudden surprisingly outburst of moans – no points for you – that shit is probably fake.

Do you feel her orgasm?

You can tell when your girlfriend is coming because she involuntarily contracts while you’re inside of her, you feel it getting tighter and it’s hot. Reminisce on that moment while you add your 3 points. That’s what a real orgasm feels like. If you think you felt it, but you can’t be sure, take 1 pity point. If you have no idea what it should feel like, sorry bro, but no points for you.

Is she sweaty?

If your lady-friend’s hair is damp, back is glistening and her you-know-where is wet for multiple reasons, she’s probably coming for real. You can’t fake sweat. If she’s normally pretty dry but at certain positions or certain times she’s sweaty take 1 inconsistent point. If she’s never sweaty, unless you lie on top of her and sweat on her, no points for you and she’s probably faking it so you’ll get the hell off of her.

How is she after sex?

Exhausted, she can’t move, you can’t touch her without it being overly sensitive – take 3 points and give yourself a self-five for satisfying your woman. If she’s happy and cuddly, take 1 point. If she’s urging you to go again right away, no points; no, you’re not a sex god, it’s probably because she wasn’t finished and you got her excited without closing the deal.


If you scored between 13 and 18, your girl is definitely coming, no fakes about it. You can tell because she’s wet, she’s takes control so she can make sure she comes, and when she does her breathing, sweating and contracting muscles give it away. Afterwards, she’s out for the count, at least for a little while 😉

If you scored between 7 and 12, she’s probably coming half the time. You may not know this, but the female orgasm is mostly mental. If she’s not enjoying herself or if her mind is elsewhere, she won’t come – pretty much no matter what you do. So once your girlfriend focuses and decides to come (yup, girls can do that) then it’s common for her to sometimes seem into it and other times seem more neutral. It’s totally normal and most girls are like this in relationships.

If you scored 6 and under, it’s not looking very good for you my friend. She’s probably faking it to save your self-esteem. If she’s not wet and she’s not confident enough to ask you to change positions when she doesn’t like it, then chances are when she “orgasms” it’ll sound more like sudden outburst of moaning rather than the authentic telltale heavy breathing.

But no fear, if you think your girlfriend is faking you have a few ways to change that.
#1: Communicate. If she’s faking it it’s probably because she doesn’t know how to break the pattern you’re in now. Tell her you want her to take control, or ask her during sex if she likes it, what she wants to do and so on.
#2: Foreplay. It’s easier to make your girlfriend come externally, by stimulating her clitoris, than internally with penetration. But also, lots of foreplay makes it easier for her to come while you’re having sex because she’s more aroused and already half way to orgasm.

So there you have it, signs your girlfriend is faking it thanks to this informative relationship quiz – now go test it out and see if you can score a perfect 18.



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