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Pay Attention: The Symptoms of Mental Illness - Mr Minds

Pay Attention: The Symptoms of Mental Illness

Mental illness effects your emotions, coping skills, thought processes and behaviors. Whether it’s in the form of depression, addiction, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, regardless of specific diagnosis, mental illness is a piece of the human condition. Most people will experience some form of one of these at least once in their lives.

With that in mind, it’s worth knowing symptoms of mental illness. Being aware of what it can look like -and there are various shapes it can take- makes it easier to know when you need to ask for help. Knowing also makes you more aware of what the people around you could be experiencing.

Life’s easier to navigate if you grasp the mileage behind another persons shoes.

symptoms of mental illness

These are some of the states that the mind can compel you to. Also, brief overviews of what you may be feeling. If you recognize these in yourself or someone you love, reach out for help.

Symptoms of mental illness

Remember, everyone has a bad moment but if you are seeing or experiencing these frequently or to an extreme degree, consider asking for help:

Excessive fear or worry

That final exam? Worth stressing over. Next weeks big presentation? Certainly owed some concern. Constantly worrying if a loved one is hurt or that a decision you’ve made will bring catastrophic results? Could be a warning sign. Fear is a natural evolutionary response to danger. If you’re afraid all the time then you are living in constant danger or with a mind that thinks you are. Either way you’re hurting yourself in the long term and should reach out for help. Worry should work for you, not overwhelm.

Changes in mood, high to low

Little surprises can quickly perk us up just as disappointments can switch our focus to the negative. But if you are having a great day then suddenly find your mood cratering for no outside reason or at feeling your lowest only to quickly rebound with energy and inspiration, taking dangerous risks convinced that you are invincible. In particular if you find yourself shifting back and forth, one to the other, high to low that’s worth noting. You may stay at extremes of emotion for extended periods with no motivation.

These symptoms of mental illness all correspond with bipolar disorder. Reach out for help in managing them.


Unhealthy relationship with a substance (food, drug, alcohol) that you go to habitually, reflexively. If your mood or thoughts are negative without that thing and you start to feel shame or guilt before you get your next fix. When getting it is more important than social life, work or personal relationships, there are the symptoms of mental illness associated with addiction. Yes, it is a mental illness. You can overcome it and get better.

Increased Anger

Anger is a healthy emotion but if you go about your days like match waiting to be struck, finding yourself barking mad at other people or things over situations that maybe could have been easily resolved, there is something behind all of that. It doesn’t need to be there and you don’t need to live with your heart jacked up, throat raw from yelling.

Increase or decrease in sex drive

Sometimes in the bedroom, familiarity breeds complacency. Other times your libido vanishes. Everyone’s heard, “I’ve got a headache” sometimes it is more than that. Likewise, if you have a hard time keeping your underwear on, craving congress in any strangers sheets or wherever find yourself, chances are it’s caused by more than their animal magnetism. Sudden shifts in libido can be a symptom of mental illness. Don’t create anxiety over being aroused. Just pay attention that your habits are healthy for your lifestyle.


Feeling less enthusiastic about life? Increasingly moody or irritable? Those things that used to excite you looking dull or bland. If you struggle to hold one honest happy thought and have difficulty finding things to smile about those could be signs of depression. It can come on quick and stick for days, weeks or longer. Depression is like being an enemy of yourself. Even on the worst days, thought, you’ve got backup.

Unhealthy Body Image/Disordered Eating

This isn’t just overeating a meal, getting bloated and feeling down on yourself. It’s not a strain of narcissism with how your appearance is either. People with an unhealthy body image live with a kind of self-loathing for their size or shape. There is no amount of fat burning or gain that will bring happiness.
Tied to this is disordered eating. When you are so bothered by how you think your body looks that starvation or binge eating followed by forced throwing up to regulate body weight become normalized. These are symptoms of mental illness like anorexia or bulimia. Both are dangerous to long term physical and mental health.


Autism is a spectrum disorder. That means there aren’t a few rigid criteria to diagnose it but a whole range of possibilities. These include having a hard time connecting to others due to poor social skills, lack of empathy or inability to read emotions in others, extreme sensitivity to stimuli like noise or light. Being on the spectrum leaves you with a marked difference in coping with the all the input of physical and verbal cues in dealing with others. A lot of the time it gives you with tics, either of the body or in speech. It can looks like what’s traditionally called shyness or introversion. If you have a hard time interacting with people and often find your attempts to hold a conversation missing the mark, there are plenty of treatments and therapies to put you more at ease.
symptoms of mental illness
This is by no means an exhaustive list. The range in differences from one mind to another are staggering. Each will experience life in its own unique way. Our differences are great things. But if your mind is pushing you to the negative, if it’s flooding you with terrible thoughts, gets easily lost in confusion or rage, seek help. Just because these mental healthy symptoms are rooted in your brain does not mean they define or limit you. These are aspects of you but by no means are they all of you.
You aren’t at the mercy of your mind. It helps to remember that to some degree we are all boxed in our own brains.
That doesn’t mean others can’t understand. You can redefine and reach out.
Here is a list of contacts in the US
And around the world.
Come back next week for more health and fitness.



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