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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids - Mr Minds

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Let’s face it, Halloween is for kids. Somehow ladies turned it into the one day a year where it’s okay to make every outfit slutty (we’ve all seen the slutty sailor, slutty stormtrooper, and slutty sushi… we get it). But at the root of it, Halloween is a time for kids to go out, get excited and bring back candy for you to eat while they’re sleeping.

So if you have kids at home, and you realize we’re only days away from Halloween and you have no idea how to dress them, here are a few last minute Halloween costumes for kids.

Option 1: Buy a Terribly Overpriced Costume at the Store

If you’re lazy and your kids wants to be the princesses from that Disney movie you’ve probably been forced to endure dozens of times, you don’t have much choice. Buy her the damn Elsa costume.


Look how happy they are, and all you had to do was fork up $50 at Toys’R’Us.

If you want something that you as a dad can be proud of, try an easy home made costume instead. Here are a few really easy and really cheap options.

Option 2: Easy Home Made Costumes

People love when little kids are dressed up as old people. Throw a grey wig on your kid, add some curlers, pull some old-looking clothes out of your closet, maybe add a pair of glasses, and you’re set. We doubt you have the free time to fashion a home-made walker and city of Pasadena sign, but if you do, heck, go nuts!


If the idea of doing more than the absolute minimum stresses you out, dress your child (or baby) up as an Apple genius. Blue shirt, hipster glasses, print out a few Apple logos, or find that sticker free sticker they give you when you buy Apple products, and you’re done!


If you, like most parents, do not want your child to dress as a human on Halloween, try a fruit. Yes, animals are usually the cutest and warmest costumes, but they can also be tricky to make on your own. Instead, go for the extremely easy, absolutely adorable grape look.

Dollar store balloons, dollar store fake leaf thing. Done. Nailed it!


If you’ve got two kids, make the other one a raspberry.


If a family thing is more your style, the easiest group costume is the S’more look. Two Graham crackers with cardboard and a Sharpie. Two small pillows for the marshmallow munchkin, and more cardboard and some skills with a marker for the Hershey’s bar.


Option 3: Your Favorite TV Character

What’s cuter than dressing your innocent child like a drug dealer? Nothing, that’s what!

If you’re addicted to Narcos, and are fortunate enough to have the genes to complete the look, we are not so politically correct to oppose this look. Rock that side part, add that signature ‘stace, and you’re good!


Everyone and their next door neighbour will dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things, but your kid could be the youngest Eleven on the block, if you’re lucky!

You’ll need a pink dress, blue hoodie, green and yellow stripped socks, white sneakers, a blonde wig, and Eggos. Depending on how last minute this costume is, you may have to rush to the store to find the missing pieces to put this look together.


For Arrested Development fans, get out your blue apron and ad Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana logo. Throw in some khakis and a collared shirt and you’re ready to trick-or-treat!



Option 3: Cut two holes in a sheet, it’s a ghost!

What happened to the good old days when everyone was either a ghost or a witch, and Halloween costumes were easy?


If you want to throw it back to the original lazy costume, grab your scissors and a white or pale green sheet and you’ll be ready for Halloween in approximately 47 seconds.



To pay homage to Charlie Brown, and prove that you put at least a few minutes of thought into your kid’s costume, try a sheet with black dots.

What Charlie Brown was supposed to be, we’ll never know, but it’s an easy classic to recreate.


Last minute Halloween costumes don’t have to be lame. Get creative and your neighbors might reward your efforts with a few extra candy bars in your kid’s bag. More for you to eat later.



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