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How to Kiss like They Do in the Movies: Top 10 Kisses - Mr Minds

How to Kiss like They Do in the Movies: Top 10 Kisses

There are some movie kisses that just seem too good to be true. There’s no bad breath, chapped lips, awkward teeth touching or head butting, it’s all romance, sex appeal and a lot of hot make outs.

If you’re looking to impress your lady, or you’re just hoping to recreate one of those magic movie moments in your own relationship, here’s how to kiss like they do in the movies with some of the top 10 swoon-worthy movie kisses that girls go crazy for.

You’ll learn how to kiss like they do in some of the biggest romances, like The Notebook, Titanic and of course, you’ll get the play by play on how to recreate the iconic SpiderMan kiss.

how to kiss like the movies

How to Kiss Like “10 Things I Hate About You”

Here’s a scene that hits home for many guys. You know your lady loves you, but you’re fighting. Here, Heath Ledger gets close enough to look in her eyes and show his sincerity when he apologizes. Then, he brushed her hair behind her ear and leans in to kiss her. He may have instigated the kiss but he can tell she’s forgiven him. If your girl is still upset, let her talk, but stay close to her, so that if you know you’re really in the clear, you pull her in for another kiss as well.

You don’t want to force her into a kiss, but the most important thing is to be close to her, get intimate and vulnerable and you’ll reveal her true feelings.

How to Kiss Like “Notebook”

One of the all time best kiss scenes of cinematic history is the one shared in every girl’s favorite romance movie, The Notebook. If you want one of those kisses that leads to a whole lot more than kissing, it’s all about finding the right moment. For some reason that moment always seems to be in the rain.

Even if it’s not raining, you can recreate the perfect Notebook kiss by saying something extremely romantic. Once her mouth is open in surprised joy, pull her face towards yours and hold the back of her neck as you kiss her. Open mouth, with lots of tongue. Then, in classic Notebook style, pick her up and wrap her legs around your waist, then push her up against the wall as you continue to kiss her mouth, her face and her neck. Let make the first move to take your clothes off, and then lift her up and take her to the bedroom to, well, keep kissing…

How to Kiss Like “Titanic”

In one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history, it’s impossible to recreate this moment without making it obvious. So forget the ship, the railing and flying, and just focus on the actual kiss. It start with the way he’s holding her. Go up to your girl from behind, and hold her. Whisper in her ear, or sing like Jack, and gently intertwine your fingers with hers. Once she turns back to look into your eyes, slowly lean forward and kiss her.

As romantic as the kiss was in Titanic, the reality is you won’t be able to move your head while you kiss her, since her neck will be twisted back to meet your lips. Instead, focus on her lips and tongue and trace your fingers up and down her arms as you kiss. Invite her hand to your neck, or hair, and let her pull your mouth closer for an even deeper kiss. Once thing heat up, you’ll want to spin her around, so you’re face to face, and maybe take a note from the Notebook and pick her up and take her to bed.

How to Kiss Like “Dirty Dancing”

As long as you don’t have two left feet this kiss if for you. It’s all about getting close with your lady, and teasing each other before your lips actually touch. It’s called Dirty Dancing for a reason. Here Johnny pulls Baby in close and they rock back and forth together to the music, looking into each others eyes, kissing each other’s necks, but letting the anticipation build before locking lips.

Lift her arms in the air and pull her shirt over her head. That way you can kiss her shoulders, back, chest and neck all before kissing her lips. The sexiest thing about the Dirty Dancing kiss, that all girls love, is when her head is back and Johnny kisses her from the base of her neck. From there you’ve hit every woman’s sweet spot!

How to Kiss Like “Pretty Woman”

The sweetest thing about this kiss, and the reason girls love it (and this movie) is because the main character says she doesn’t kiss on the lips. She refuses this type of intimacy, so in this scene, when she kisses her man while he’s sleeping, it’s just as emotional as it is physical.

If you and your partner have been distant, or she hasn’t been intimate for a while, let her come to you. You don’t have to be sleeping, you just have to know that she’s ready. Then give her the kiss of a lifetime. Keep your mouth slightly open, and brush your lips against hers. This gentle teasing action will make her pucker for a kiss. Then, run your hand up through her hair at the base of her neck, and wrap your lips around her open mouth, letting your tongue swirl around hers. If you’re not on the bed, you will be soon. Then you can get on top of her and finish the kiss.

How to Kiss Like “Twilight”

Girls, even those that hate to admit it, love this Twilight scene. Ignore the awkward talking at the beginning, where Edward says he sneaks in her room and watches her sleep, and just focus on the passion in the kiss. There is nothing sexier than letting the electricity between you and your partner intensify before finally touching lips.

This is probably the longest build up to a kiss in any movie, but it’s charming when he says, “don’t move.” If you tell her not to move, and you take your time, she’ll be buzzing by the time your lips meet and she’ll probably be straddling you in seconds like Bella in this scene. Then, very Edward like, grab her by the waist and push her backward on to the bed as you lean forward and continue to kiss her, gently nibbling and pulling on her lower lip.

How to Kiss Like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

As yet another kissing in the rain scene, what makes this one great is the cat. Holly (the girl in the scene looking for her cat) awkwardly gawks at her lover. I’m not a huge fan of women looking at me with their mouths wide open, but some people just have weird kissing habits and there’s nothing you can do but comply.

In this case, despite her mouth hanging open as the couple embraced, Paul and Holly share a tight lipped kiss. They firmly press their faces together, and as her lips are closed on his, Paul puckers up for an intimate kiss, on both her lips and cheeks. Not all romantic kisses have to have tongue. In this case just holding her close, firmly kissing her and pressing your faces together is enough to make your kiss memorable. A little rain wouldn’t hurt either.

How to Kiss Like “When Harry Met Sally”

The kissing scene in “When Harry Met Sally” is only enviable if you’ve seen the movie, but trust me, your partner has probably scene the movie and she’ll know the kiss. What’s special here, like the first kiss in this list, is that the couple go from talking to passionately kissing to talking back to kissing. In most real life situations, kissing doesn’t stop all conversation, so this is a great way to showcase how you can squeeze in a lot of passion in a few intimate moments between words.

Both Harry and Sally lean in together for the kiss, and they open their mouths together, interlacing tongues for just a second before they break off and give each other a small and sweet peck on the lips to seal the kiss before they go back to chatting again. And Finally when everything has been said and it’s time to kiss again, the kiss is deep, passionate and long lasting.

How to Kiss Like “The Wedding Singer”

One of the most popular instructional kissing scenes in movie history is when Robbie and Julia practice kissing with “church tongue,” in prep for her wedding. The idea is, when you get married and it’s time to “kiss the bride” you don’t want a full blown make out because that will make grandma feel uncomfortable. But you don’t want a peck on the lips either because that is anti climactic. As a compromise, church tongue is a was to share an open mouth kiss, with a very small amount of tongue.

It starts as a standard kiss. Slightly open mouthed, and then you open a little wider, maybe licking your partners lips before slowly parting. It’s just enough to get her excited but not enough to get too hot and heavy. It’s the perfect wedding kiss, good bye kiss, good morning kiss and any time you want to show her you love her kiss.

How to Kiss Like “Spider Man”

If you want to kiss like they do in Spiderman, you have to learn to hold your breath. Kissing upside down with your nose covered, in the rain, is no easy feat. It’s about inhaling at the right time, through your mouth, and then slowly letting the air out as you kiss.

But you most likely won’t be kissing upside down in the rain with a mask on your nose, so all that matters is mastering the upside down kiss. Perfect for when you lean back on the couch and babe is behind you, or when you’re lying down and your girl leans over from behind you to give you a kiss. If you master the upside down kiss you can have longer more passionate kisses even in more awkward or uncomfortable positions.

The key is to focus on kissing one lip at a time. Gently kiss and suckle on her upper lip then move on to her bottom lip. Take your time. As soon as your lips part and you kiss your slowly, she’ll realize this isn’t just any kiss.

It may not be as glamorous as the movies, and you may not catch it on film but the important thing is to take time to show your partner how special she is with a romantic kiss, just like the ones she’s grown up watching in movies. And that’s how to kiss like the stars!



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