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Why She Won't Bleed Her First Time: Busting the Hymen Myth - Mr Minds

Why She Won’t Bleed Her First Time: Busting the Hymen Myth

College Humor released a video busting one of the biggest myths in the world; about how women lose their virginity! With their help, we’re busting the hymen myth, and if you think that’s a funny pun relating to how guys bust a woman’s hymen during sex, then you need to read this more than ever!

why she won't bleed hymen myth

Now you may think this will get gory, but it’s actually the opposite. Everything you thought you knew about the breakable, bleeding hymen is wrong!

Just watch this video:

The Hymen isn’t a freshness seal

We already busted a few HPV myths, so it’s definitely time we cleared up all this confusion around what it means for a girl to lose her virginity without bleeding.

In the “Adam Ruins Everything” video, we learn than unlike everything we’ve been taught to believe in the media, a broken hymen is not an indication as to whether or not a girl is a virgin or not.

That’s because a hymen is not a barrier, or a seal covering the vagina. If it were, a woman wouldn’t be able to get her period. Instead it’s a flexible membrane around the vagina, and in half the women out there, their hymen won’t be broken or torn during sex.

The video describes the hymen as a balloon arch. It doesn’t need to be broken, but it’s delicate enough to potentially break in some cases. Let me repeat…some cases!

On top of that, some women are born without a hymen! Other women experience the blood lose associated with a broken hymen due to other activities outside of sex.

All in all, whether a girl bleeds is a terrible indication of virginity, and the fact that many men expect a girl to bleed and actually anticipate it is a pretty sad thing, for both partners.

So how can I tell if she’s a virgin?

If you’re wondering if your partner is a virgin, just ask her. There is no body part to check, exam to be done or blood to be shed to confirm her virginity.

She may bleed, she may not. The best thing you can do is listen to your partner, make her comfortable and if she doesn’t bleed, don’t use that as an excuse to mistrust her.

Let’s bust this hymen myth once and for all, and stop making women feel bad if they do or do not bleed their first time!



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