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How to Style Short Hair for Men: Top 3 Tips - Mr Minds

How to Style Short Hair for Men: Top 3 Tips

Despite the recent man bun trend, most guys still opt for short hair.

It’s easy to maintain, it doesn’t require much thought and you don’t have to worry when you workout because your hair doesn’t get in the way.

But if you’re still struggling with your short hair and you’re not sure what to do with it to make it look less boring, here are a few easy tips on how to style short hair for men.

Side Part

If your hair is short but still long enough to be parted, a side part is a great way to add some dimension and movement to an otherwise dull look. Even if you only have a few centimeters of hair to work with, combing it over to one side is a fun way of livening up your look. Experiment with different parts, maybe something angular, something very straight and formal, and then a more relaxed push to one side. You’ll need some gel to make it stay, but make sure you don’t turn your hair into a rock hard cap of crusted hair, keep it natural looking.

Practice makes perfect.

How to style short hair 1


Shave the sides

One of the most popular styles right now is the undercut, and almost every guy has some variation of the style in one way or another. If you have short hair, you can always be a bit more fashion forward, or hairstyle forward in this case, if you shave the sides shorter than the top of your hair. You don’t need long hair that can be slicked back to make this look good, you can have super short hair and it still works. Shave the sides closer to your scalp and you’ll have a more put together look.

How to style short hair 2


Style your facial hair

If you really don’t have any hair to work with, you can’t shave it any shorter and you can’t do anything style wise with the stubble you have, then the only logical thing you can do is style your facial hair. Lucky you we have a beard trimming guide. It’s best to keep your beard and mustache as short as the hair on your head just pay around with trimming to make it look on point. And that’s it!

How to style short hair 3

There’s not much you can do with short hair, so if there’s a technique we forgot or a style that we missed, let us know in the comments.



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