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Good Halloween Costumes for Couples - Mr Minds

Good Halloween Costumes for Couples

Let’s face it, if you’re in a relationship, your partner’s mind is likely racing with ideas for good halloween costumes for couples. Dressing up as whatever you want is over when you’re in a serious relationship, and it’s all about finding the coolest couple costume possible.

According to Instagram, these are the most popular couple costumes for Halloween this year, now you can either stay away from these ideas and come up with your own, or you can embrace the trends and rock the couple look.

Good Halloween Costumes for Couples in 2015


If I had a dollar for every Netflix and Chill couple this halloween, I’d have more money than the guys who started Netflix.


Even though Suicide Squad hasn’t been released yet, just about half the couples on earth want to dress up as Joker and Harlequin from the upcoming movie.

Good Halloween Costumes for Classic Couples

Here are some classic Halloween couple costumes to get you inspired.


Cowboys and indians is a classic.


Lighting bolt and person struck by lightning…classic!


Mario Bros is probably one of the most popular Halloween costumes of the past generation, with the Mario Luigi combo usually dominating, so spice it up with a Yoshi and you’re good to go.


Soap and a loofa is another classic idea, although it’s not the most comfortable of Halloween costumes for the poor bar of soap (likely you).


Who doesn’t like dressing up like food. There are loads of fun food combinations, but if you’re a lazy halloween kind of guy, dressing as a pizza boy is super easy and pretty cool when your partner dresses as the pizza.


Another classic halloween costume for couples is the hunting duo. Usually the girl is the animal and the man the hunter, but you know what, it’s way cooler when the guy dresses as the deer, so try to swap the genders!

Good Halloween Costumes for Couples: Pop Culture

And if you’d rather a pop culture reference, try these couple costume ideas this Halloween:

Wayne’s World, even though the movies is old, this costume is timeless.

Who doesn’t like a good board game? Dressing as the classic “Guess Who” characters is fun and easy couples costume.

Dressing as Jack and Sally, this king and queen of the Halloween world, is always a good idea.

Fairly Odd Parents was a fun kids TV show, and the pair of green and pink haired fairies make a good halloween costume for couples.

Recess is another blast from the bast, and you may have a lot of people asking who you are dressed as, but if you have the picture of the cartoon students on hand, people will definitely be impressed with your creativity.

Big Bang Theory on the other hand is so popular everyone will recognize you in an instant. If that’s what you’re going for, try the Sheldon and Amy look as your couple costume.

Another big hit this year will be Katy Perry and left shark, her bumbling back up dancer from the super bowl

Good Halloween Costumes for Creative Couples

If you can’t keep your hands off your lady, then being an Oreo, that’s right, one Oreo cookie, is a good idea, because you can spend most of the night cuddled together. Otherwise you’ll just look like a guy in a white shirt with an Oreo sign on your back.

This couple, dressed as the dancing twin emoji, is pure gold. If you have the balls to pull of this costume, you will be the big winner at your Halloween event!

Lastly, for the sarcastic, kinda quirky, guy and his lady, dressing as a dead battery (with full zombie dead face) or a dead wifi zone is great. It’s puny and it’s so relevant. My might even say it takes good Halloween costumes for couples to a new level.



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