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Why the Glitter Beard Trend is the Absolute Worst - Mr Minds

Why the Glitter Beard Trend is the Absolute Worst

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I consider myself pretty practical. I wear whatever is comfortable, I kinda do the bare minimum to look presentable on most days. So for someone like me, to see that guys are willingly putting glitter in their beards, is legit painful.

Not because it’s ugly, it’s actually crazy how well these glittery beards turn out in terms of consistency (I feel like if I tried this it would be a patchy mess) but because glitter is the devil.

Seriously, glitter is a legit form of torture. Even just a little bit of glitter will stick with you for days,catching in the light until you try and take it off and then it’s mysteriously gone.

Now multiply those little devils by one thousand and that’s the evil of the glitter beard.

Sure it looks festive and pretty cool, but there is no way you can get a self respecting man who doesn’t have three days to spend in the shower to try the glitter beard trend.

If all I’ve done is pique your curiosity. Here are some terrifying pictures of guys rocking the glitter beard trend.

glitter beard 2

Check out his chest. He’s covered in glitter. He will die with glitter still stuck to him somewhere. Each piece of red glitter is a reminder of the pain he will endure trying to pick off each piece as it desperately clings to his skin. Nice purple color though!

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