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Entrepreneur Ideas

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a list of amazing untapped entrepreneur ideas so you could easily decide on million dollar business idea. Unfortunately no such goldmine list of ideas exists, but what is even more valuable is being able to create your own idea, using a few key steps. Here’s how to come up with awesome and attainable entrepreneur ideas on your own.


Start Small

Entrepreneurs typically get involved with many businesses over their lifetime, and if it’s your first time starting a business don’t feel obligated to create the next Google. Start small, with something you know well, and grow your connections and networks. Networking is the most important area of business for true entrepreneurs, so don’t be afraid to start a niche business, gain industry leadings connections, and then leverage those people to start something bigger later one.

Entrepreneur ideas for business men are like story ideas for writers, most people sit around waiting for inspiration to hit them, but it’s the people who work at it everyday, tossing out bad ideas 90 times more than good ones, that come across a great idea and execute.

Identify your Key Interests

You likely have a lot of things you enjoy in life, the key is to hone in on skills that you have that involve your interests. Ask yourself what you’re most passionate about and then investigate that area more. I love writing, reading and learning about random interesting topics and sharing my insight, so I started a lifestyle blog for men. If you’ve spent most of your life in construction maybe you can start your own construction company. If you’re in the service industry why not open a franchise restaurant.

Find A Problem to Solve

If you want to do something really bold and different, that could become the next big thing, you have to think a bit bigger. Choose an area you enjoy, say travel, and identify what’s missing or where the major issues are with travel. Maybe you can develop an app to help travellers with delayed flights find interesting places in the airport or the area to visit while waiting. Work on improving an industry you care about and people will naturally care about your business.

Develop Your Idea

A good idea isn’t half the battle, unfortunately it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Once you have an idea you feel confident about – something that solves a real need and doesn’t already exist – you have to figure out how to make it a reality. Registering a business and gong through the formal steps is fairly straight forward, but committing and building your business from nothing requires a lot more work, including hiring a team to help you.

No one can give you entrepreneur ideas for sure fire success, they can only inspire you to develop one on your own. With these stating points hopefully some light switch will go off and you can develop something worthwhile.



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