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Dress Vests for Men: Best Looks - Mr Minds

Dress Vests for Men: Best Looks

Dress vests for men have recently changed status from black-tie only to a refined yet modest every day look. If I were to guess, men’s dress vests came back in style likely as part of the hipster movement, and although some hipster trends are a bit cringe-worthy, the vest look is on point.

Rock this look and you’ll conquer both masculinity and sophistication in one fell swoop, and that, my friends, is not an easy feat.

dress vests for men joseph gordon levitt

Best Material for Dress Vests for Men

First I want to point out that I’m not referring to the dress vests for men we’re all familiar with (IE the vests with shiny material that belong under a suit jacket). I’m talking about a more casual fabric like wool or corduroy that still boasts the fitted, tapered dress vest feel. Both the fabric and the clothing you pair the vest with will dress it down while still displaying your eye for style (or ability to implement fantastic style ideas – which is equally as valuable).

Groomsmen Dress Vests

While I’m on the topic of dress vests, I will add that the new wedding trend groomsmen have been taking up of ditching the suit jackets and going vest-only is great. I’m more of a traditional kind of gal when it comes to wedding attire, but I will honor this look with my stamp of approval. Besides, what is sexier than a bunch of men bro-ing out in matching vests? Well I can think of a few things, but this is well done and deserves some kudos in my dress vests for men rant (and rave).

The Best Dress Vests for Men

In case you need guidelines, the best way is to show you – so take a look for yourself below.

dress vests for men wool

The fabrics can range from wool to leather, so go with what ties in to your normal day-to-day vibe.

dress vests for men leather

Most importantly, ROCK this look with confidence and you are guaranteed double-takes. I know I have looked twice recently at a guy wearing a fitted brown vest, leather shoes and fitted pants because it is both unexpected and well put-together (with minimal effort).

dress vests for men hipster

He looked amazing and you will too. Oh, and if you have a trimmed hipster beard, the vest look is just icing on the cake. Roll up your flannel sleeves, throw on a vest, comb that sexy beard, and strut your stylish ass out that door.

If you have the willingness to adopt the dress vest for men into your more casual attire, this as a “staple” to your wardrobe.

dress vests for men hipster vaping

Show up with a head turning vest with your favorite jeans and let the chicks start flocking. Or, if there’s no flock, start your own new-age movement of stylish, classy men who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone with a couple bold, head turning statements, like dress vests for men. That confidence will be a huge turn on for the ladies.



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