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Christmas Wrapping Hacks: Save Time and Paper - Mr Minds

Christmas Wrapping Hacks: Save Time and Paper

Christmas is coming, and if you’re one of those guys who hates wrapping gifts, you’re going to love these Christmas wrapping hacks to help you save time and paper.

Most Christmas wrapping advice is all about making those gifts look festive, but since the recipient is going to tear he paper off your gift in about two seconds, it really doesn’t matter how perfect these gifts look, it’s about exercising your ninja wrapping skills.


12 seconds wrapping hack

There’s this video circulating online of someone wrapping a gift, perfectly, in under 15 seconds. Like many Japanese hacks, it’ll take a few times to get it, but once you do you’re in for a lifetime of faster gift wrapping. Think of all the time you’ll save every birthday and Christmas. (Although, throwing your gift in a bag and adding some tissue paper will always be the fastest way to wrap a present… just saying.)

Here’s the 12 wrapping hack video:

If that was too fast and unhelpful for you, try out this video, which breaks it down and makes it easy to follow.

As cool as this wrapping technique is, my biggest wrapping pet peeve is cutting a piece of paper too small, and then getting stuck having to improvise. This next hack helps you cut down on paper for those big boxes (the ones that wouldn’t fit in a bag anyway).

Save Paper wrapping hack

We’ve all cut the paper too small and left gaps in our Xmas wrapping. If it’s just a brown box from Amazon, no problem, but if the box gives away the surprise of the gift, I’m thinking about any kids toys really, you gotta cover it up. If you don’t want to waste more paper, cause that sh*t gets expensive, and you’re too lazy to cut an extra strip and tape it down the center, try this paper saving wrapping technique instead.

If you nail the 12 second wrapping, this is pretty much the same, only you have to line your paper up right at the beginning. Give it a watch here:

The only problem with this wrapping hack is it seems to take a pretty long time, and you still need all the usual ingredients: paper, scissors, tape, time, patience…

If you don’t have any of those things, try our third and final Christmas wrapping hack.

Wrapping with fabric

You probably have a bunch of old t-shirts, or rags, or something lying around that you don’t use anymore. If you have that, and no bags or wrapping paper, no problem, you can still pull off a pretty decent half-a** wrapping job that will only garner a few insults at the party.

Here’s how to wrap a gift with old clothes.

As you’ve probably noticed, the video uses a nice fancy fabric that you would never have lying around your house. If you had something that nice, you’d probably be wrapping it up to give as a gift, not using it as the wrapping. So while it’s super easy to use fabric as gift wrap, you won’t be able to do it too often, or else you’ll run out of clothes.

So there you go. Three awesome ways to wrap gift to save time and save paper. Let us know if you managed to figure out the 12 second wrapping in the comment section below!



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