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Casual Wear for Men: Today's Top Trends

Casual Wear for Men: Today’s Top Trends

Although we’re still forecasting snow on the east coast, spring and summer fashion has officially hit the runways and there’s some hot items we must make note of. This season’s casual wear for men is kind to the fashion-phobics and refreshing for the fashion-forwards. I never thought I’d actually say this, but the 90’s are coming back (in some ways) and the fashion gurus have managed to make the 90’s look modern and trendy.

Aside from trends that are two decades old (really?) this season has also embraced shirts similar to those Bob Marley rocked, and even glorified athletic wear is in. That being said, diverse is an understatement for your on-trend 2016 options. Let’s check out some favorites that just about anyone can pull off.

casual wear for men 1

Bomber Jackets: Casual Wear for Men #1

Bomber jackets are a versatile modern 90’s trend. There are a lot of colorful options, but when in doubt, go black (always)! This is a perfect option for spring weather when you’re looking for a stylish and easy jacket. Whether you’re on an extreme end of the goth vs jock spectrum or anywhere in between, there’s a bomber jacket out there for you. FYI – Layering is also in so don’t be scared to throw this over just about anything!

casual wear for men bomber jackets

Casual Wear for Men: #2 Safari Swag

I just love this look. It’s manly, comfortable, and sexy. Khaki jackets and bush shirts are your go-to’s in the safari space. For those of you who raised an eyebrow at “bush shirts” I’m referring to the shirts with two pockets on the front.

I recently bought my boyfriend a safari shirt and although he calls it his “Wild Thornberrys” shirt (I had to google it too..ugh) he actually wears it and he has no idea it’s one of the hottest trends this season! My point here is this: even if you’re not into fashion, this is wearable and easy to incorporate in everyday casual wear.

casual wear for men safari

Trainers: Casual Wear for Men #3

From sleek leather Lanvins to sporty suede Adidas, trainers are a continuum of a 2015 trend. I’m really pleased trainers have been fully adopted on the men’s fashion front. In a way, men’s fashion is subtly transitioning from sleek to casual and, well, normal.

Trainers actually allow you to go from casual to dressy all within the same footwear category. Buy a pair or two or ten and you have something stylish to wear on any day of the week.

casual clothes for men shoes

casual clothes for men dress shoes

Greens: Casual Wear for Men #4

Greens are a total “thing” these days, and I’m not just talking about kale. Any combo of earthy greens is on edge, and this conveniently pairs really well with the safari style.

From olive to emerald, rock lots of green and anyone with an eye for menswear will easily see you know what’s up.

casual clothes for men four looks

Athletic Leisure: Casual Wear for Men #5

Yes, I’m serious, athletic wear is currently considered stylish. Leisure is the keyword here though, I don’t mean mesh basketball shorts, guys.

Tailored sweats, oversized tees (another 90’s inspired item), and even casual hoodies are all on the 2016 runways. Incorporate some layering and you are hitting the style sweet spot for this year.

casual clothes for men 2
With some creative twists on popular pastimes, 2016 styles across the globe are both modern and familiar. This season’s top casual wear for men trends make it easy to look stylish and sexy (well, I know that part was never a problem, right)? So, while you’re trying to squeeze in one last run on the mountains, don’t hesitate to gear up on these hot spring styles!



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