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Best Fitness Programs for Men to Get Abs - Mr Minds

Best Fitness Programs for Men to Get Abs

If you’re looking for the best fitness programs for men, and are hoping to get tight abs to replace your dad bod, thankfully science has an answer.

Best Fitness Programs for Men

The American Council of Exercise researched the best ab exercises to find the three that target your abs the most, strengthening your core and helping you get a tighter more defined six pack.

Check it out, it’s all here in this video:

If you think the video is too wordy (I mean who has time to listen to him talk all day) here’s all the important bits, summarized!

Bicycle Crunches

Many of the best fitness programs for men feature bicycle crunches. This exercise is scientifically proven to be the best way to engage your oblique muscles, so don’t be afraid to get down on the floor, this is the only exercise of the three that involves floor work and no weights, so it’s perfect for working out at home, on it’s own or part of a larger workout.

Hanging Leg Raise

The next exercise is one of the best (says science) for targeting your abs, and that’s the hanging leg raise (see 1:40 in the video). If you’ve tried this one, you know that thanks to gravity, you can’t really half ass it. That’s why it’s so effective. You engage your arms and abs while supporting yourself off the ground, then lift your legs and crunch your abs. Keep doing it until you can’t get your legs up, ideally, or try 3 sets of ten for a more beginner level.

Stability Ball Crunch

Who would have thought a traditional crunch would make it on the list, but coupled with a stability ball, you get a great range of movement that negages our back muscles and makes your core work even harder. All you need is a stability ball and you can engage your whole body by staying balanced and crunching and extending your abs.

Best Fitness Programs for Men, by levels

If you’re just starting out and you can’t even support your own body weight for exercise two, that’s fine. Work your way to it.

This video also includes different levels for beginners and those more advanced.

For beginners, try each exercise 10-12 times for three sets, or up to 20. Rest for 30 seconds between reps.

This isn’t in the video, but for an intermediate level, a good idea is to keep going until you feel the burn, then start counting your 10-12 reps.

Once that is too easy, do each exercise until you can’t do them anymore. Basically, keep working out until failure. And then you do it again, and again, three times, each time until your body can’t do it anymore.

Of course there are other ab exercising, but as far as the best fitness programs for men, I’d trust science on this one and incorporate these three moves into your routine as much as possible.



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