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5 Cool Games About Ancient Gods - Mr Minds

5 Cool Games About Ancient Gods

Who doesn’t love some ancient deity action?

There’s something alluring about the gods worshipped by our early ancestors. Built up with various sensational abilities and meant to defend or represent specific elements and principles, they’re almost like profound literary characters. With no disrespect intended toward ancient religion, they almost appear today like a different brand of comic book superheroes! After all, Marvel did go ahead and claim Thor as one of its own.


At any rate, these characters are always fun, whether you’re reading about them, watching movies, or playing games with them. If you (like me) are a bit of a sucker for these ancient gods, here’s a look at a fun and diverse range of games that feature some of them.


This is a pretty bare bones flash game, and in the age of mobile gaming it feels increasingly like part of a past era of internet entertainment. That said, it’s a lot of fun (and it’s still available to play). It deals primarily with a demigod (Achilles) rather than a range of mythical deities, but it still feels very much like part of the ancient world. Your job is to control Achilles walking along Trojan sands and annihilating waves of enemies armed with swords, spears, and arrows. Though the controls are simple, the range of combat options is oddly satisfying.

Age Of The Gods: King Of Olympus

This is actually said to be the third Age Of Gods game in a series of slot reels designed for online and mobile play, so it’s worth checking out the full series if you enjoy it. Given that this one stars Zeus, the “King of Olympus,” it feels like the most significant of the bunch. Like a lot of other slot reels relying on popular characters, it’s a fairly straightforward gaming experience. But if you like to look at different interpretations of the gods (or you’re curious about some bonus content and mini-games), it still makes for a great game—and it’s a lot more engaging than your average arcade slot.

Gods Of Rome

Gods Of Rome might actually be the most beautiful game on this list, despite the fact that it was designed for mobile devices. It was made by Gameloft, which has created a lot of great games, and it’s described as an epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend. “Fighting game” is meant literally, in that this is designed in the classic one-on-one fighter format popularized by games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. (or more recently, Marvel: Contest Of Champions). The game primarily started with a collection of Roman gods, and has expanded to include other fascinating mythical figures.


SMITE might be my personal favorite from this list. A game made for PC and Xbox One a couple ofyears ago, it’s described as the online battlefield of the gods, and that’s really all you need to know. The graphics are sharp, the combat is full of great action (if slightly over the top), and the format is a ton of fun. You choose a team of deities and take on players via online multiplayer in 5v5 battles.

God Of War

Then there’s God Of War, and while the whole series is worth your attention, I’m fudging a little bit here in that I’m referring to the next planned game in said series. We will supposedly next see Kratos (the protagonist from previous games, who battles the gods) and his son Atreus in a new environment. This time around the hero will be taking on Norse mythological figures. That’s a nice change of pace, given that games about the old gods tend to focus mostly on Greece and Rome. This could be the fresh take that the franchise has so desperately needed.



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