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Tips About Fitness: What's your De-Motivation? - Mr Minds

Tips About Fitness: What’s your De-Motivation?

Tips About Fitness. Are They For You?

The problem with tips about fitness is that they feel like opening a book in the middle. That’s great where you did 300 push-ups but it’s less effective if you don’t know the beginning or even how to start.

How do you start that first chapter? Where do you find the interest to even pick up the book in the first place? It’s time for some tips about fitness that start before the beginning. Why even worry about everyday motivation when you can’t recognize what de-motivates you?

Demotivation: Getting in Your Own Way.

This is about the mental aspect of accomplishment.

Demotivation: that’s the feeling of not really wanting or being excited to do anything.

You feel great when you work out but you just can’t get interested in going.

It feels great knowing you’ve cleared your desk at work but you’ve got no inclination to shift so much as a paperclip.

The love life is wonderful. You love your better half. Everything is better with them but it’s starting to feel like someone forget to pay the electric bill in this relationship.

You’ve become a zombie.


Let’s rip the band-aid right off of your hairy knee up front and take some skin with that sumbitch. You can read all the tips about fitness you want. When it comes down to de-motivation, it is all up to you.

You De-Motivate You

If your job, how much you exercise, your relationship, any aspect of what should be your full and rich life is as exciting as an unsalted rice cake well no one’s forcing you to choke that down. Sometimes strong lack of motivation, sluggishness, and a feeling that nothing’s worth the effort are symptoms of depression so if you live moment to moment struggling to maintain the basics, don’t ignore that. Talk to someone. Start yourself towards getting better.

If you are not depressed or on a medication that chemically causes symptoms of depression, this is where we rip the skin off the bone.

You’re doing this to yourself.

Objects in mirror may be more responsible than they want to know.

Not Tips About Fitness Here. Just Good News/Bad News

Bad news first. All those amazing excuses: your boss sucks, your coworkers are terrible, your train was late, the only bagels left were Onion, the dishes weren’t done when you got home all have some validity but these are not actively sucking the You out yourself. Demotivation happens when you give these weak ass facts of normal life top billing in the theater of the mind.

Then, good news. You dwell on the little slights. Maybe you’re browsing the web when you know you should be handling a responsibility. That’s a choice. You choose to do those things which means you have a choice which means you can stop demotivating and go back to your ass-kicking self.

It’s easy to forget that mind has an energy level. It provides it’s own unique experiences. If you don’t feed and water it with proper stimulus it will get lazy and mushy. Before you worry about the tips about fitness for a washboard abs, take a good look at how you might be shortchanging yourself.

Here are some of the top demotivators that you should start choosing to ignore.

Attitude and Other People

Ever spend a Summer life guarding? One of the most important things you learn as life guard besides whistle shining and not creeping on anything with a tan is how to save a life.

(How To Save A Life is a song by The Fray. Chances are it’s stuck in your head. I didn’t do that. You did. Get control of that mind.)

When a life guard is trying to rescue somebody there’s a good chance that the person needing rescuing is not calm. A life guard has to know how to go in and make the rescue without getting dragged under.

Can you make it through the day without being dragged under?

Wallowing Is Not Exercise

At your job, in your circle of friends or family, do you know Buddy? Yeah, Buddy. The one who’s griping about not getting a raise or how the coffee machine’s still broken, there’s so much work to do and Peter isn’t doing it so why not find a common area and just complain, complain, complain. From the day Buddy was born his parents began to teach him English. By age 5 he was proficient in English but Buddy had already mastered a second language, whining. To this day Buddy is fluent in whining speaking it to anyone nearby to see if they too also speak it.

Buddy is Legend

Smile and nod at Buddy. Do not engage. Lock and load with empty commiserations like “Oh, yeah?”, “Wow”, “Hey, that’s rough” or “I don’t care that you only know to chase misery. Save some Oxygen for the rest of us”.

Buddy will drag you down to the Eighth Circle of Hell in one of two ways.

  1.  You will agree that this job sucks, working is torture and nothing ever works around here losing your head. Soon you’ll be seeing everything as being wrong too.
  2.  You will get so pissed at Buddy that your focus is derailed in hating him. You become miserable hating his misery.

Giving any emotional response to this negative preaching is a loss for you. Don’t feed your mind this diet of junk. Keep it moving. If you feel bad know that Buddy is performing again at 1:30pm and 2:30pm from now until forever.

Also, don’t be someone else’s Buddy. You need to vent in life, it’s essential for maintaining healthy stress levels. Vent with the right people, in moderation. A few minutes here or there are a good break for the mind clearing it so you can regain focus. Don’t magnify these small things until they are bigger than your life. Let the kettle come to a boil, just don’t stay steamed up. Literally with the kettle. Buddy was right, that damn coffee machine is never getting fixed.

Routines and Habits

Good habits help make you more productive. They also tend to be highly repetitive, straight up boring and literally mind numbing.

How many memes have you seen about procrastination that you can identify with? Do you procrastinate because you secretly don’t want to win the all-you-can-eat buffet ticket that comes from being the best middle manager in the lower northern east region? No! You’d kill for that honor.

You procrastinate because you’ve allowed your mind to go mushy. You become like a junkie, clicking, scrolling, Facebook refreshing looking for any hint of something exciting. But none of it, not even Granny Ethel’s Pimento Loaf is exciting at all. You’ve left your mind toothless to gum at strained pea baby food. That dull mind is not getting the flavor of living. It’s taste buds are shot from mouthful after mouthful of sameness.

tips for fitness


If you do the same types of things daily, filling out the same reports for the same clients without any new responsibilities you may feel particularly demotivated to accomplish anything.
That’s not true. You’ve successfully walked a rut in your life.

What to do? Not everyone can just stop doing their job or pick up new responsibilities. If you’re stuck with sameness, stop thinking you are stuck. The mind can catch a jolt off of very little input. Change things up.

Let a few calls go to voicemail. Don’t jump to answer every e-mail as it comes in. See what happens if you check e-mail once an hour. Try drafting on paper first instead of typing it all or if you’re used to working in paper, type things up, print and edit off of that. Take breaks at different times, eat lunch outside of your office. If you can look at a clock and honestly say that 1:15pm is when you…

Then one of the best tips about fitness for you is to ask yourself why you live by set times.

Tips About Fitness for That Bad Romance

The brain needs a little change now and again to liven things up. So do the other people in your life. Routines in relationships or home life are comforting. Make sure your comfort isn’t complacency. You don’t need to overhaul your world or have you and your partner become unrecognizable to one another just eating a meal away from new media or eat while watching a movie if that’s new to you. Maybe throw on some of your favorite albums from the glory days, sit there and reminisce.

This person has seen you naked and come back. There’s probably a level of success in having a strong routine and someone things can be easy with but you aren’t just a couple. There’s another person there so shake it up now and again. Find that weirdo that chose you over Buddy. Grab some paper plates and eat on the floor. You’re going to eat together, throw some quick hugs and have those kisses, hello, goodbye, I love you everyday.

The mind notices. Your life is its rerun.

Catch yourself if you’re growing robotic with it. Tweak things, change it up. New routines, new music, new techniques can invigorate almost any aspect of a life. Your mind will feel energized. Who knows where the body will follow.

Tips About Fitness for The Demotivated Workout

If it’s exercise that no longer holds your interest, try something new. Take a class, try a trainer, run a new route. Browse youtube for any variety of unique workouts. Who says a man can’t train like a Victoria’s Secret model? Not only can you enliven the mind, you can also hit some lesser used muscles and maybe see some results. The mind and body are limited by all that physical repetition.

Some days you will absolutely not want to exercise. The mind is energized in making deals. It doesn’t want to exercise..

It’s mass over mind. Get your self there.  Whether it’s to the floor for planks and push-ups or to the gym for a circuit, the only tips about fitness you’ll ever need will be get started and don’t let your mind sell you out to the couch.

You’re stuck in your own head everyday. You may want to fluff the pillows in there every now and again.

Pay attention to life when it starts to lose it’s flavor. You decide whether or not that gets to happen. Your mind is incredibly efficient but you owe it a little maintenance now and then to keep your body going and your fitness level up.

Don’t talk to co-workers, go get naked with that special someone and wash those sheets by next week when we’ll be back with more health and fitness.



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