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Tips on Health and Fitness for Men like You - Mr Minds

Tips on Health and Fitness for Men like You

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Tips on Health and Fitness

We’re giving you a break from the exercise this week as we cover some tips on health and fitness. Exercise is key but tips on health and fitness should help round things out overall.

Health, fitness and overall wellness aren’t just limited to working out. There’s plenty of considerations you can make for your own fitness and happiness in daily life. We’ve talked before in the office fitness workout some ideas along these lines so let’s expand upon that. You can make small changes in your lifestyle to help you along or just keep you from falling off track.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that taking better care of yourself is all or nothing when it’s all about little things you can do to take charge of your life. Key to that: what you put in your body. Starting with…

Stay Hydrated

Yeah, that’s right, the first of our tips on health and fitness is drink water.

What a rip off. You’re out there trying to better yourself, to lose those next 15lbs and get the body of your dreams and this website gives welfare advice: drink some water.

tips for health and fitness

Yes! Damn straight you need to drink water. Again, our first tip on health and fitness is drink lots of water. Don’t only stop by the water fountain after you just dunked on somebody, get a water bottle, set hydration goals and respect the role water plays in your body’s ability to perform!

Your body is mostly water and most of it’s functions from the cellular level on up to pass those fiber filled beans you had for lunch will use some water. It’s key to our metabolic process. It’s cheap, usually free depending upon where you live, though, yes there are places where people still lack access to fresh water so factor in the guilt: if you’ve got water, drink up and appreciate.

Drink it about twenty minutes before you eat a meal, it can help provide a feeling of fullness and maybe prevent you from over eating. Water will also reduce cramps, improve blood flow, improve mood, help skin look fuller, provide more energy and help you think more clearly. Yes, everything you’ve ever been sold by a miracle drink was already available in one place: water.

Drink before, during and after working out, your head and joints will appreciate it. The more you work, the more you sweat, the more you need to replenish. The more you hydrate, the more you have in you to sweat and the clearer your pee gets. Clear pee is a life goal that looks good on a LinkedIn or Tinder profile as well as the toilet. Peeing flushes toxins, the clearer it is the more A-1 your toxin flushing game is.

Speaking of color, water is not orange. It does not cram a bunch of sugar into a bottle and pay athletes to talk to you about electrolytes. Water is pure, clean and clear. If that’s too boring, add a little lemon or lime slice. Lots of other beverages can hydrate you but if they’re prepackaged, chances are you’re trading off benefits for the inclusion of a preservative or sweetener. Water is water. Coffee doesn’t dehydrate, at least not as much as folks once thought, but it does contain caffeine so why not just cut out the coloring and drink the good stuff?

It’s recommended that you drink 8 glasses a day, 8oz a glass. Everything sounds harder when there’s math involved. Make it easier on yourself. Buy a reusable bottle, like so. That model has a little dial you can twist to keep track of how much moisture you need to take in a day. There are plenty to choose from based on your price comfort or desired features. Yes, water bottles have features now from those gauges to designs encouraging you to keep hydrating. It’s just drinking water? Sure but as far as a tip for health and fitness goes, what you’re putting in your cup can go a long way towards making you feel and function better. It’s also pretty hard to overdo it with water, unlike our next health and fitness tip.

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