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100 Best Proposal Ideas for Men - Mr Minds

100 Best Proposal Ideas for Men

Girls go crazy for weddings, planning the food, the venue, the dress and all the little details you will never ever know about or notice. As a man you have one job, and that’s the proposal.

There are two elements that make a proposal story-worthy (because you know she’ll be telling this story for the rest of her life), and that’s timing and sincerity. If you surprise your partner with a heartfelt proposal, you’ll not only get a yes, you’ll be starting your marriage with some serious brownie points!

To help you find the best way to pop the question, here’s a list of more than 100 proposal ideas, including unique proposals, romantic proposals, unusual proposals and everything in between.

If you already have an idea of how you want your proposal to go, jump to the category that makes sense for you, including low key proposals, family oriented proposals, travel proposals and so much more.

Low Key Proposals

100 proposal ideas low key 1

Popping the questions doesn’t have to be a spectacle. Most of the time all your future fiancé cares about are your sweet words and feelings. If you want something simple and heartfelt, here are the best ways to propose, that involve little to know prep.

1. Take her for a walk around your neighborhood or city. Tell her how important she is to you and present her with the ring

2. While you’re at a nice dinner talk about your future together. Pull out the ring and make it official.

3. While you’re spending a nice evening together at home cuddled up together tell her how nice it feels to spend time with her. Pop the question while you’re both relaxed and comfortable.

4. On your anniversary prepare a nice evening for her that ends with you asking her to be your wife

5. Say something sweet and meaningful as you propose to her. The most romantic proposals don’t have to be elaborate they just have to be heart-felt and personal. Sometimes you don’t even need to buy a ring or get down on one knee, you just have to be charming.

Romantic Proposals

100 proposal ideas romantic
Most women just like to feel loved and special, so romantic proposals are perfect for showing your future fiancé just how special she is to you.

6. Arrange candles in the shape of a heart, and when she comes home one evening she’ll find you waiting in the center of the heart with the ring.

7. Propose in the place where you first met or the place where you first realized you loved her. Even if that place is a room in your house or a park bench, just telling her the story behind its significance will melt her heart.

8. Every girl loves ‘The Notebook’ and Noah’s dedication to write 365 letters in a year. To really blow her away write her a letter (or note) every day for 364 days until the last day when you give her the note asking to marry her.

9. If you’re a writer or poet come up with something unique and heartfelt to share with her and make sure the last line includes the question, ‘Will you marry me?’

10. Turn your home or a hotel you’re staying at into the ultimate romantic proposal spot by dimming the lights, putting on sultry music, pouring a few glasses of champagne, and creating a trail of rose petals leading her straight to you where you’ll be waiting in a tux with the ring.

11. Another way to turn your house into the perfect romantic proposal spot is by shutting off the lights completely and just having a trail of candles leading to the ring box. When she goes to open it come out and ask her to marry you.

12. Take her to a town or house that you can see yourselves living in as you grow old together. Show her around, and while the sun is setting get down on one knee and ask her to make your dream future together a reality.

13. Have a string attached to the door as she walks in. Along the string attach photos from throughout your relationship and notes telling her how much you love her. At the end of the string she’ll find not only you but a beautiful engagement ring.

14. Slip the engagement ring on her finger while she’s sleeping and wake her with champagne and strawberries and kisses. She’ll love the romantic gesture but she’ll really get excited when she sees the ring on her finger.

15. Tell her you’ll pick her up for a nice dinner, but surprise her by showing up in a gorgeous stretch limo with roses. Before she even have a chance to wonder what’s going on get down on one knee and propose.

16. Take your girl to the spa after a particularly stressful week. Once you’re there, pamper her and tell her how important she is to you. Say that you want to make her feel like a princess every day for the rest of her life and then present her with the ring.

17. Give her a massage yourself at home. Massage her whole body but save the left hand for last and slip the ring onto her finger.

18. In the spring or summer take her to the local botanical gardens and propose to her while she’s surrounded by the beautiful smelling roses and flowers. It’ll be like a scene out of a movie.

Family Oriented Proposals

100 proposal ideas puppy

If you have kids with your wife to be, a baby on the way, or if your girlfriend is close to her family, involving them in the proposal is important. Here are some ways to propose that showcase the importance of family.

19. If she’s pregnant or you already have a child together, at a pregnancy or family photo shoot take out the ring when she’s not looking and catch her by surprise on camera.

20. I you have a child together, or if you consider your fur-baby a child, have your son or daughter walk out with the ring and do the asking for you.

21. At the hospital after she’s delivered your baby and she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her life, make her even happier by asking her to marry you.

22. Incorporate her family into the proposal itself by getting fourteen family members to spell out the phrase W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E each by wearing a t-shirt or holding a sign with one of the letters on it. Have everyone stand shoulder to shoulder as she walks in and see her surprise.

23. Plan an intimate dinner with just you, your partner, and your future in-laws. At the dinner tell your future in-laws how much you look up to them and how you’d like to be as happy as they are. Get down on one knee and tell your partner you want to spend your life making her just as happy.

24. If your future fiancé has children that would become your step children, it’s a good idea to involve her loved ones in the proposal. Even if they’re only present while it happens having them in the room for that special moment will show her that you’re just as devoted to her family as she is.

Holiday proposals

100 proposal ideas holidays

Holiday season is proposal season. If your girlfriend has any female friends, she will most definitely know someone who’s getting engaged over the holidays. If you want to join the movement, and make sure your girl isn’t sad she missed out, plan a holiday proposal.

25. New Years: As you are both counting down the last seconds before the ball drops at a New Year’s Eve party get down on one knee in the middle of the crowded room. Without even saying a word you’ll bring her to tears.

26. On Valentine’s Day, pretend like you forgot about the holiday and don’t have anything for her. Then reach into your pocket and say, “well I have this,” then propose as you open the ring box.

27. On Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, whenever that is, take her out to dinner and propose a toast, then turn it into a marriage proposal.

28. For Easter, organize an Easter egg hunt for her, but hide the ring along with all the chocolates in a special Easter egg for her to find last.

29. On the 4th of July or your country’s national holiday: during the fireworks get down on one knee and pull out the ring.

30. For Halloween, carve a pumpkin with the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ and hide the ring inside the jack-o-lantern.

31. On Thanksgiving, while you’re at the table with friends and family sharing what you’re most thankful for prepare a speech about why you’re so thankful you have your future fiancé in your life. Then pull out the ring and propose right there at the table.

32. For Christmas, wrap up the ring in a box within a box within a box within a box so it’s the biggest present under the tree. The box can even be empty and you can surprise her with the ring while she looks through the wrapping for the present she missed.

33. On Christmas, if you don’t want to wrap the ring, why not hang it on the Christmas tree with the other ornaments. After she finished unwrapping all her gifts tell her there’s one more on the tree and watch her discover the shiny piece of jewelry that was there the whole time.

Food and Drink Proposals

100 proposal ideas food

If you guys are huge foodies, if you have a favorite restaurant you visit all the time or if there’s a food you buy or make that your girlfriend goes crazy for, maybe incorporating those favorites into the proposal is a fun was to make it unique. Here are some of our favorite food and drink proposals:

34. If your girl is a cupcake fanatic bring her her favorite treat with a special surprise on top – the ring, or bring her fifteen cupcakes that spell out the question ‘Will You Marry Me?’

35. If you and your sweetheart often make drinks at home, freezing her ring in an ice cube and using it in her favorite drink on the rocks can be a great way to surprise her.

36. If you and your partner enjoy a bowl of cereal together every morning why not hide the ring in the cereal box right before she pours herself a bowl and pop the question when it tumbles into her bowl of Cheerios.

37. Every girl loves to be pampered, so make her breakfast in bed and deliver the breakfast tray with the ring box and a special note.

38. Fortune cookie proposals are very popular, you can either make a homemade fortune cookie with the secret proposal or you can contact the manufacturers and see if a special fortune can be made and delivered to you.

39. Take her to a fancy restaurant and have the waiter bring her the ring with her dessert or in a glass of champagne.

40. Order a pizza but arrange for a friend to come by (and ring the doorbell) just before the pizza boy shows up. Instead of delivering a pizza your friend will deliver the engagement ring and when you and your partner both go to answer the door your friend will open the box and reveal the ring and you’ll get down on one knee and pop the question.

41. If your sweetheart has a sweet-tooth and loves looking at the gourmet cakes, ask a baker to make a cake with her name and a proposal message written in frosting. Have the cake displayed in the window of the shop or in the display case of the pastry section of the grocery store you frequent and get down on one knee when she sees the cake.

Travel Proposals

100 proposal ideas travel

If you guys have the travel bug, and organize your lives around the next exotic trip you’ll take, a travel proposal may be for you. If you’re organizing a big trip, she may already have it in mind that she’ll get a ring, so these proposals require a little extra stealth if you’re up for the challenge.

42. Before you arrive at your destination or as you’re returning from an amazing trip, propose to your future fiancé over the loudspeaker on the airplane. Arrange with the flight attendant before you board and think of something ultra romantic to say, like in the movie ‘The Wedding Singer’ where Adam Sandler tells Drew Barrymore that he wants to grow old with her.

43. The number one place in the world for destination proposals is Paris. Take your future fiancé there for a romantic getaway and pop the question while you both stare up at the Eiffel Tower.

44. If you’ve planned a trip down south, one night organize a private dinner on the beach and propose at sunset.

45. Make her feel like a princess and propose in Disney world in front of Cinderella’s.

46. Plan a trip to Hawaii and when she gets off the plane have a few luau girls waiting with some leis, some champagne and a sign saying “Will you marry me?”

47. Plan a beach themed proposal and write out the words ‘will you marry me’ in the sand with sea shells. As you walk hand in hand down the beach point out the message and get down on one knee and present her with an engagement ring.

48. If you and your partner are active and love hiking and mountain climbing, then plan a trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Once you get to the top ask her to take a picture of you with the sign indicating the altitude. As she’s looking through the lens get down on one knee and surprise her with the ring.

49. Travel to Time Square in New York and arrange to have your proposal written out on a giant screen. Just make sure you get there at the right time because you won’t want to miss your time slot.

50. After France, Italy is the next most romantic place to propose. Why not take a gondola ride in Venice and propose while you two are gliding across the water.

51. Another romantic place to pop the question is Switzerland. Couples love the serenity and tranquility of Switzerland, and there’s nothing more romantic than a Swiss hot chocolate in a warm chalet after skiing on the Swiss Alps. Pop the question while you’re getting warm and cozy together after an incredible day.

52. If you and your partner are into movies why not travel to the set of your favorite movie, like New Zealand for LOTR. It would be so cute if you proposed to your Lord of the Rings fan fiancé in a little Hobbit home.

53. Prince William proposed to Kate while they were traveling in Kenya. There is nothing like an African sunset to create the ultimate romantic mood for your proposal, so why not go on an African safari with your love and pop the question at the end of an exciting day together.

54. Take a road trip together and arrange with a hotel to set up a room with champagne, rose petals and the whole nine yards. Once you get close to the hotel pretend you’re tired and check into the room for a rest. When she enters the room she’ll be so happy with the romantic set up, but when she sees you down on one knee she’ll be ecstatic.

55. If you and your partner are very low key and all that matters is making your relationship official, why not fly to Vegas for a fun long weekend and propose while you’re there by suggesting a small impromptu wedding in a quaint chapel.

56. If you travel for business or if you are in a long distance relationship start a phone conversation with your partner (while you’re supposed to be away) about how you want to spend the rest of your life with her and just before you propose, ring her doorbell and surprise her with flowers and a ring in person.

Unique Proposals

100 proposal ideas photo booth

Everyone wants their proposal to be unique and special, but sometimes guys are looking to go over the top and blow everyone away with their creativity. If you want your proposal to stand out, and be talked about for a while, here are some unique ideas to get you inspired.

57. Make your own ‘Will You Marry Me’ puzzle. If you make the puzzle too difficult you risk ruining the excitement so make sure she’ll be able to solve it fairly quickly or else you’ll be too anxious to ask the question out loud once the puzzle is solved.

58. Most couples like taking photo-booth pictures together because it’s a time to be cheesy and fun. Why not get down on one knee and ask her to marry you while the camera is flashing to capture her initial reaction on film. The photo-booth theme will be great to continue when you send out the save-the-dates and you can rent a photo-booth for the actual wedding as well, so the idea is just perfect.

59. If you’re great at making movies and editing why not make a short movie to tell your partner how much you love them and end the movie with the proposal. Arrange a romantic movie night and instead of putting in the rom-com play your proposal movie instead.

60. If you understand coding and can put together a decent website then create a web page with your proposal on it. Send her the link casually and when she accepts the proposal, you can share the link with all your friends and family and let them know she said yes.

61. You can even propose on twitter or facebook if you want to be different, but make sure that she’s next to you as soon as you post the status or tweet so she is the first person to read it and respond.

62. If you and your partner love the night scene and you go out dancing together often, then why not ask the DJ at your local club to pass you the microphone so you can propose to your sweetheart in your favorite atmosphere. Her ears will be ringing but she’ll love it.

63. If you both love playing trivia games together why not replace her usual question with your own question: ‘Will you marry me?’

64. If you always read each other’s horoscopes, grab the paper and read hers, saying she’ll get a life changing surprise. The pop the question.

65. Make a scrapbook with pictures of the two of you over the years. At the last page in big letters have the question ‘Will You Marry Me?’ You can even tie the ring to the scrapbook page with ribbon.

66. If your girlfriend is scared of heights (but not too scared) beg her to go on the Ferris Wheel with you at a local carnival or amusement park. Once the ride stops right at the top, hold her and say you’ll always be there to comfort her when she’s scared. That’s when you pull out the ring and ask her to marry you.

67. If you’ve mastered a few magic tricks then make the ring magically appear one evening and propose.

68. Have a dozen balloons delivered to your house, eleven red and one clear with the ring inside. Ask her if she notices anything special about the clear balloon. When she looks closely at the translucent balloon she’ll see the ring and be completely surprised.

69. Another cute idea is to have a caricature done of the two of you. Arrange a surprise proposal with a street caricaturist and have him sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles “Will you marry me?” and hers saying, “Yes!”

70. Write her a love note with a proposal at the end of it. Tuck the note into the book she’s reading and when she opens her book to read one night surprise her with the ring.

71. Get a ring size chart and ask your girlfriend to look up her size. When she accuses you of ruining the surprise say, “okay, try this one instead,” and show her the engagement ring you’ve already bought for her.

72. If you’re a talented singer try a musical proposal. Write your own song which ends with a proposal and sing it to her, or sing one of her favorite love songs and get down on one knee at the end.

73. If your future fiancé has a different mother tongue than you, proposing in a different language, like in the adorable movie ‘Love Actually,’ is a great way to show her that you’re committed to learning something that’s important to her even if you aren’t fluent.

74. Propose with something other than a ring. If you like the idea of proposing at an amusement park then propose with a toy or prize you won. You can even propose with a flower or another type of jewelry. The ring is traditional but it’s not essential.

75. If you and your partner are adventurous why not try a skydiving proposal. When you land, stay crouched close to the ground. When she rushes over to you to check if you’re hurt straighten up but stay down on one knee and pull out the ring you kept safe in your suit as you jumped.

76. If you and your partner love , find out where the camera is on the roller coaster and hold up a sign or flash the ring box so it’s caught on camera, but make sure she’s not looking your way. When you go to see your picture she’ll be so surprised and amazed that you pulled it off right next to her, and not only will you say yes but you can keep that hilarious picture for the rest of your lives.

77. If your partner works in an office or as a teacher sneak into her office or classroom before she gets there for work and write your proposal on her desk or on the blackboard. Hide until she arrives and then get down on one knee in front of her students or co-workers.

78. Tell her that you want to make a time capsule with her and you’ll open it in five or ten years. You’ll already be bonding over sacred memorabilia from your relationship, so get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. When she says yes take a picture of her on Polaroid camera and add it to the time capsule.

79. Use your talents to make something unique for her. If you’re a carpenter make a one of a kind wooden jewelry box and hide the ring inside. If you’re a tradesman make her feel like Cinderella with a custom fit shoe for her with the ring hidden inside. She’ll love the work you put in and it’ll melt her heart.

Elaborate Proposals

100 proposal ideas under water

80. Put an ad on a billboard with the best picture of you together and the words ‘Will you marry me?’ When you pass by the giant billboard your fiancé will freak out.

81. A classic way to propose is to hire a sky writer to write your sweetheart’s name along with the proposal across the sky. It’s happening less and less these days so bringing back this old school proposal will really excite your partner.

82. If you don’t want to write the proposal with clouds of smoke in the sky why not use a banner on a plane instead.

83. Another classic way to propose up in the air is while you’re in a helicopter together. As you’re enjoying the sights have your friends and family hold a giant sign below with the words ‘will you marry me?’

84. If you’re not only great at making movies but you have connections at your local cinema one of the most exciting and elaborate proposal ideas is to put an engagement ad in the projections before the trailers start at your local movie theater.

85. If movies aren’t your thing you can call your local radio station and make the proposal on air.

86. If your partner loves fish and all sea creatures take her to the aquarium for a romantic date and surprise her with a proposal. Have one of the divers hold a sign asking her to marry you.

87. One of the most exciting and most elaborate proposal ideas is a scavenger hunt. You have to prepare clues and hide them in secret spots either around your house or around town. Have her complete tasks until ultimately she meets you at your planned destination. Meet her with a romantic reception and an engagement ring.

88. If you and your sweetheart read the paper everyday together taking out a full-page ad in a newspaper asking her to marry you will really shock your girlfriend.

89. Nothing says married couple like doing the crosswords together. If this is something you regularly do contact your local paper and see if you can have the crossword puzzle modified to include your fiancé’s name along with your proposal message hidden in the clues.

Viral wedding proposals

If you’ve gotten this far in the post and still haven’t found an interesting proposal idea, maybe you’re more of a visual person. Here are a few of the best viral wedding proposals to inspire you.

90. Want a romantic lip dub? Check out how Matt proposed to Emily with the song ‘One Thing’ with all their friends involved.

91. Remember that fake movie trailer idea we suggested? Here it is in action between Matt and Ginny.

92. Nothing says will you marry me like the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. See how Isaac and Amy pulled off this lip dub.

93. At Disney world Jamin organized a flash mob for his fiancé Valerie. Disney + dancing. This guy knew the recipe for success.

94. Is your lady graduating soon? Why not pop the question after she crosses the stage and give everyone two things to congratulate her for.

95. Falsh cards and memes are two other elements for a fun and quirky proposal. See how Tim proposed to his fiancé, Audrey.

96. One guy had the idea to raise money to propose to his girlfriend Geraldine during the Superbowl. He needed 2.5 million dollars for a 30 second ad, but he didn’t get enough money. Instead he bought ad space during her favorite show Veronica Mars and he donated the extra money to charity. Here is the video of Gerladine’s reaction to the proposal.

97. We all loved the game telephone as kids where you whisper a message in someone’s ear and it gets passed on. Well Jake took that idea and set the record for the longest whisper chain ever, and the message, “Will you marry me,” was successfully transferred all the way to the ears of his partner Kristina.

98. One artist faked an art exhibit in order to propose to his girlfriend. He created an elaborate art piece that spelled out the words ‘will you marry me’ when looked at from a certain angle.

99. Ted and Anna both work on set of the hit TV show ‘Scrubs’ and with the help of the cast and crew Ted tricked Anna into thinking she was filming a scene when really it was his proposal to her.

100. Spencer proposed to his boyfriend in Home Depot, and despite the odd setting, the flash mob caught the attention of Ellen and she had them both on her show.

101. Still not sure how to propose? Here’s a complitation of some of the craziest This last video is a compilation of 25 of the most exciting public wedding proposals that haven’t been covered yet. There are proposals that involve sky diving, swimming with dolphins, football stadiums, aquariums, airplanes, classrooms and more. This video covers all sorts of settings and seasons and it showcases many of the most creative, romantic, and unique proposals. So rather than read about more ideas just watch them.

There you go, sir. You’re ready (or you should be) to pop the most important question of your life. Good Luck, and let us know how it goes in the comments.



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