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10 Reasons You're More Successful than you Think - Mr Minds

10 Reasons You’re More Successful than you Think

It’s hard not to compare yourself, especially in a world where all people’s biggest accomplishments are captured and shared in a neat stream for people to lurk and judge. Even if you feel like you’re lagging behind, as if you’re the only one without a place of your own, without a steady career and without a partner, you’ve probably forget or failed to realize how successful you already are.

10 reasons you are successful

10. You’re reading this

On its most basic level, you are successful because you can read this and you are holding a mobile phone or sitting at a computer digesting information that some people just don’t have access to. But because the typical “you have food, shelter and education” argument does little to comfort some people, think of it instead like this. Because you are reading this now, you have a desire to be more successful. Searching for motivation and assurance means that you are hyper aware of areas you hope to improve, and that drive is important to project you into a more successful state. Coupled with the opportunities available to you because you can read and access a computer, you’ll be alright!

9. You have accomplished something

You have accomplishments, maybe it’s a University degree, maybe it’s a jump rope championship, maybe you have children. Never forget the major accomplishments in your life, and never take them for granted. These will always make you successful and no other failure in your life can take away these successes.

8.You are talented

You may not be able to run a marathon, but you can run your life with success, getting groceries, organizing events, preparing meals and balancing relationships. You are in charge of your life, and that competence is something to be proud of. Even if it feels like you’re overwhelmed and unable to manage everything, the fact that you keep trying everyday shows success. Be proud of your daily accomplishments and let them reinforce your main talents.

7. You have a home

Your shitty apartment makes you successful. Your parent’s basement makes you successful. Your house and home is something that you should be proud of, even if it’s part of a transition phase. In your apartment you are successful because you are living independently. With parents you are successful because you are surrounded by support while you save and work towards something greater. Don’t undervalue your position. There will always be bigger houses, that are cleaner or better decorated, but love your place and be proud of it. One day, when you no longer worry about being successful, you’ll miss your little room with the christmas lights and posters.

6. You have a source of income

If you have a source of income, you are successful. Again, take a step back and realize that in some way or another, your time and efforts are valuable enough for someone to give you money. Whether it’s your mom lending you money or the manager at McDonald’s sending you your paycheck, you are making money. That shows success, whether you feel like it or not. If you have a steady job, with security, even if you aren’t happy with your job or career choice, then you’re better off than millions.

5. You can get a better job

If you are working a part-time job, or if you’re between positions, you can and will get a better job. With intelligence and drive living in a country of opportunity makes you successful. There is no point in your life when you are stuck. You can always work hard in your position and move up, you can always network in your industry (online makes it easier) and start something new, and you can always start your own business. If you don’t know what you want to do, try something and find out if it works. Volunteer, find your passion and realize that success is within reach at all times. Restaurants, online jobs, work with your family, there is something out there if you work hard to find it.

4. You can find love

Sometimes the hardest thing is being alone when so many of the people you love have paired off. With millions of online dating websites and apps to meet people, it’s easier than ever to connect. Even when you’re limited to your circle and routine, and don’t have the opportunity to meet new people, you can and will find real love if that’s what you need to feel successful. But you are already successful, for all the other reasons on the list and because you are inherently worthy of love. Love will come, from family, friends and partners, you just have to realize that you deserve it.

3. You’re still learning

Growth is the surest sign of success. If you are still learning and growing as a person, you are definitely successful. Travel the world, learn about new cultures and places, expand your repertoire of stories to share and ideas to exchange. Read more quality content, not mind-numbing junk. Motivate yourself with powerful people and stories and you will exude success. Don’t be ashamed of “only” being in school or going back to school at an older age. It’s admirable.

2. You have someone

No one is completely unloved. You have a mom who loves you, an aunt who would raise you as her own child if need be, a sister or cousin who would come over if you cried, a best friend who, despite all the time you haven’t talked, would help you start life over if you hit rock bottom. Because you are not alone, you will always be successful, as long as you accept the love and help people give.

1. You are Resilient

Even when you fail, and even when you are at your lowest point in life, you as a person are never a failure. You can turn things around, use your support group to boost you up, and find success and happiness again in time.

Being successful is all about how you define success. If having a home, a family and happiness is success, then you can feel accomplished every day of your life, you just have to be optimistic. For the realists out there, start to keep track of your small wins. You finished a paper, you learned to make a new meal. Those little advancements will help you define yourself, and they all add up. If you appreciate what you have and where you have been, you will feel more confident and assured that you will go even farther as you grow. Success, like happiness, is not an end destination, it is a state.

If you realize that you can live in that state of success, entirely independent of whether you have a job or a spouse, you will be a much happier person.



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